Rallye MAX-G™

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The Rallye MAX-G™ is the next-generation, GPS-based successor to the most trusted rally computer in the world, the Rallye VRL™.
We've taken decades of feedback into account to design and manufacture the best competition rally computer in the world.

New Case Design

We partnered with a SCUBA computer company to design a case more resistant to weather and condensation.
The case features a seamless waterproof lens and is assembled in nitrogen gas to prevent condensation.

New Custom Display

We designed a custom LCD with a 180° vertical viewing angle and ultra-sharp contrast.
The Rallye MAX-G™ display has the largest digits available in any rally racing computer.
We also added 11 helpful on-screen icons to make operation more simple.

New Hardware and Software

The Rallye MAX-G™ builds on the software and hardware platform that we launched with the Rallye CAP™ computer in 2014.
Already proven in rallies around the world, this new platform is more reliable and more user friendly.

Easy Upgrade

The Rallye MAX-G™ is a drop-in replacement for the Rallye VRL™.
Mounting dimensions, cable connections, and accessories are compatible with most rally installations. Overall dimensions are 95mm x 49mm x 28mm.


  • Rallye MAX-G™ computer

  • New style 3-button remote thumb switch

  • New, faster GPS receiver

  • Mounting bracket and hardware

  • Power cable

  • Instruction manual


  • Adjustable odometer

  • Speedometer with resettable peak speed mode

  • CAP compass heading display

  • GPS-based time-of-day clock

  • New GPS updates 5x faster (5 updates per second)

  • Almost instant "warm" satellite acquisition

  • Resettable hour meter tracks maintenance intervals

  • Resettable second trip odometer

  • Supports kilometers and miles

  • AutoCal™ automatically adjusts to match the route

  • OdoQuick™ feature eliminates mode changes to check odometer while in CAP mode

  • New OdoPause™ feature makes adjustments easier while moving

  • 180° vertical viewing angle

  • Large, sharp contrast digits

  • 11 helpful icons improve ease of use

  • Adjustable backlight has night mode (dim) and day mode (bright)

  • Auto shut off after 2 hours of no activity

  • Total lifetime distance stored into permanent memory

  • Includes aluminum bracket for mounting computer to handlebar clamps

  • Requires a hard-wired connection to the motorcycle's 12V battery

  • Small GPS receiver can be mounted almost anywhere with a zip-tie

  • 12 month warranty