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Smartphone Case i4-60 For iPhone 4S/ 4

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Smartphone Case i4-60 for iPhone 4S/4


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All you need to use your iPhone® in your motorbike, in one value pack!

Your motorcycle deserves the best, and your iPhone® need proper protection whilst on the move.
We have combined all the items needed to provide a safe and unbeatable solution.
With this pack you get everything to enjoy all the capabilities of your iPhone® while riding.

Included in the pack is:
Weatherproof case for iPhone® 4/4S
RAM®-MOUNTS arm and handlebar base
Charger cable for iPhone® 4/4S, 60 cm long (24 inches)

Weatherproof case for iPhone®
Elegant and safe, protects your iPhone® from rain and dust, providing access to all funtions.
RAM®-MOUNTS arm and handlebar base
When it comes to reliable mounts, RAM® is an unbeatable world leader.
Vibration dumping, strong aluminium parts and flexibility.
The handlebar base with ball will attach easily in a choosen point of your bike handlebar, and the removable arm connects the base with the ball behind the smartphone case.
Charger cable
Specially if navigation apps are used, iPhone® battery will get uncharged after a few hours.
The weatherproof case allows the entrance of the charging cable to keep battery in charge whilst on the move.
This pack includes a top quality charger cable that plugs directly into the DIN socket (f.ex. BMW) or cigarette lighter-type socket near the handlebar or cockpit.
With the smartphone case, you can use your iPhone® in your motorcycle while protecting it from the harsh environment of rain, dust and vibrations.
It is an hard case offering access to all iPhone® functions.
It includes a RAM® ball to make an easy, reliable and safe installation in any motorcycle model.
The iPhone® sits inside the case in a rubber tray, protecting it from shock and vibration.
The special screen protective cover of the case allows the operation of the iPhone® screen when inside the case.
Note that with rider gloves the operation of the screen is not possible.
All iPhone® buttons can be pressed from the outside of the case, such as Home, Sleep, and Volume.
Note: The charger plug is not wheatherproof.
Please use only under dry conditions.

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