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Touratech ZEGA Pro Topcase "And-S" 38 litres with Rapid-Trap

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Topcase Zega Pro And-S, 38 Litre, with Rapid Trap


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Shapely, sturdy and state-of-the-art, this case meets every requirement. Made from 1.5 mm sheet aluminium at our factory in Niedereschach/Germany, the case is waterproof, dustproof and extremely tough.
The heavy duty protective plastic strips on the corners and bottom edge are bolted on - which means they can be replaced if necessary.
You can find suitable case systems under the respective motorbike models.
All the benefits of the ZEGA Pro panniers have also been incorporated into the development of the matching Topcases.
Two anodised variants of the ZEGA Pro panniers and Topcases are also available.
The anodised version doesn't just look impressively good in natural or black aluminium - the extra thick and hard anodised layer also prevents aluminium rubbing off inside the case and protects the surface against discolouration.

"Just quickly" take off the ZEGA case without opening the lid - no longer a problem with the "Rapid-Trap adapter"!
With the new Rapid-Trap technology from Touratech, you can remove the whole pannier quickly and easily without having to open it.
Unlock it, turn it, take it off! Attaching the pannier is even more user-friendly: Put it in place, click it, done!

In order to fit the ZEGA Pro Topcase with Rapid-Trap system, you need the specific ZEGA Pro Topcase luggage rack for your bike.
(You will find these under “pannier racks” in the section for your motorbike.)

- Optional accessories lockable:

Lid Lock: 050-0870
RapidTrap Lock: 050-0871

Length: 31,5 cm
Width: 40,0 cm
Height: 30,0 cm

Helmet is not included.


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